Publication as part of a children’s sound-art workshop at the Toronto Public Library, Scarborough Civic Centre Banch, Autumn 2017

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34 pages
12 x 21 cm
Limited first edition (100 copies)
Staple bound / two colour risograph
Printed by Vide Press
Price: pwyc donation to Toronto Public Library Foundation + shipping
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Published as part of a series of children’s sound-art workshops at the Toronto Public Library, noises aims to tease out imaginary sounds in the ears of the reader. The book comprises a series of mix media images by Sydney, Olivia, Matthew, Sara, Hasani, Zayed, Lawrence, Josh, Aldrin, Fronda, Layaan, and Abagail, each based on sound recordings the children collected around the library, and created through group experiments in “drawing sound”. What resulted was a kind of visual score of found and imaginary sounds in the library. 

Rustling paper, a howling wind, running water, quiet voices. Between a line and an ear, each page marks a territory of noise. A colouring book of impossible sounds. 

Thanks to Claire Harvie, Ellen Furey, Jeremy McCormick, Ame Henderson, Raymond Bai, Diana Olford, Susanna Fernando, Erika Hennebury, Beth Helmers, and Thomas Gill. Produced with the support of the Toronto Arts Council.