Quiet Concerts

A concert series at the Toronto Public Library, fall 2017

Quiet Concerts was a series of experimental music performances  at Toronto Public Library Scarborough Civic Centre branch throughout the fall of 2017, organized by Artist-In-Residence Christopher Willes. Occurring within the library stacks, performers we're asked to musically engage with the library's extremely quiet acoustic, reflecting on the building's sonic and social space. Audience members we're invited to walk throughout the building and experience the music at a distance, perhaps loosing track of the sound entirely, or get up close and listen to a intimate live mix through headphones.

A Quiet Sound Is Like A Friendly Hello.

Quiet Concerts are LGBTQI safe spaces, and wheelchair accessible.
Produced with the support of the City of Toronto through the Toronto Arts Council.


Phillipe Melanson
Philippe Melanson is a percussionist living in toronto. He works with the band bernice, makes dance music, and is interested in music that is vibe'y.

Allison Cameron
Allison Cameron is a celebrated Canadian composer, performer and improvising musician. She loves working with her colleagues; skating on ice; and, learning how plants think.

Invisible Out (Xuan Ye and Jason Doell)
Guided by a mission to invigorate the politics and epistemology of invisibility, Invisible Out is a collaboration between interdisciplinary artist and performer Xuan Ye & composer and experimental improviser Jason Doell whose works have been performed and exhibited around the world. 

Anne Bourne
Anne Bourne is a composer/ improviser on cello and voice, who carries the text scores of Pauline Oliveros. She lives with her daughter on an island in Lake Ontario and commutes to New York. 

Debashis Sinha
Debashis Sinha is a percussionist and composer living in Toronto, and who works with sound in theatre, dance, music. He is happiest, though, when he’s working with it in strange places or better yet, invited into your ears.


Christopher Willes is an interdisciplinary artist based in Toronto and Montreal. He is an associate artist with Toronto based performance collective Public Recordings.