Year Title Context Forms
2019 To Valerie Solanas and Marilyn Monroe in Recognition of Their Desperation Public Recordings / Interpreting Pauline Oliveros' 1970 orchestral work Performance / Public Space / Music / Large Ensemble
2019 20 Close Readings With various characters, forthcoming Publication Series / Scores & other performance assisting objects
2019 20 What's Collective? Public Recordings, Forthcoming Workshop
2019 20 Imageless Forthcoming, Toronto Workshop / Dramaturgies of Sound / Choreography / Dance / Corporeality of Sound
2018 Noises Toronto Public Library Publication
2018 Denge Arraymusic Ensemble Music / Chamber Ensemble & Field Recordings
2017 19 Quiet Concerts Toronto Public Library Curatorial / Public Space / Music
2017 Listening in the library Toronto Public Library Workshop / Public Space / Music
2016 Choreography of Listening Music Works Magazine Writing
2015 16 17 Listening Choir Co-created with Adam Kinner Performance / Public Space / Walk
2015 Start Very Quiet & Get Very Loud 8-11 Gallery Publication
2015 Every sound is a small action & broke world 8-11 Gallery Exhibition
2015 Acoustic Mirrors Self Release, Edition of two Publication / Vinyl LP & Concrete LP
2015 Silence Oblivious As Ever: Christine Sun Kim Music Works Magazine Writing
2015 Reading Listening Videofag Performance / Choral Reading
2015 The reclining figure is a model listener Art Gallery of Ontario Installation / Bass Tranducers / Tactile Sound
2015 Feedback Situation Cluster Festival, Winnipeg Performance / Particpatory / Noise concert using the festivals promotional materials
2015 Personal Feedback Cluster Festival, Winnipeg Performance / Bass Tranducers / Tactile Sound / Concert for one listener
2014 Listening at the CLGA Canadian Lesbian & Gay Archives / Rhubard Festival Curatorial
2014 Six Receding Backgrounds The Music Gallery, Ensemble Paramirabo Music / Chamber Ensemble
2014 Keep Calm Bard College Performance
2014 People Listening To Plants Bard College Performance / Music
2013 Blow/Draw/Drift The Music Gallery Music / Large Ensemble
2013 VOICEVOICEVOICE Self-release Expired Software / Music / For computerized voice with a libretto derived from realtime social media data
2013 untitled Self-release Expired Software / Self-Generating Full-Spectrum Colour Video
2013 Six Harmonicas Never Performed Music / Chamber Ensemble
2013 Six Hand Bells The Music Gallery / GREX CHOIR Music / Handbell Ensemble
2013 Dubbing Self-release, Edition of one Publication / Single Dub Plate Recording: Saxophone Multiphonic Drone piece, with Score for a Live Saxophone Accompaniment
2013 Emergents III The Music Gallery, featuring Geoff Mullen & Jonathan Adjemian Curatorial
2013 bearing all your weight Paf (Performing Arts Forum) Music / For Three Broken Pianos Heard From Outside The Building
2011 Unmade Dance Performed once, by Charlotte Mundy at Manhattan School of Music in NYC Music / Spoken & Sung text / Duet for live voice & Pre-recorded voice