Quiet Concerts

A concert series at the Toronto Public Library, fall 2017

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Quiet Concerts was a series of experimental music performances at Toronto Public Library Scarborough Civic Centre branch, organized by Artist-In-Residence Christopher Willes throughout the fall of 2017.

Occurring covertly through the building, each artist featured in the series sought to create an unusual concert scenario in the library, reflecting on the social, political, and sensorial notions of quietness. With each event audience members we're invited into a new proposition for listening that highlighted the library as a shared space, to create intimate, small scale, and often covert performances in the library. For example, audiences where invited to follow a score for walking throughout the building to listen at a distance, perhaps loosing track of the sound all together; or experience an intimate concert enacted privately through headphones. 

Photography by Claire Harvie and Ishan Davé.
Produced with the support of the City of Toronto through the Toronto Arts Council.

2017 Edition Artists:

Invisible Out (Xuan Ye and Jason Doell) 
invisibleout.tumblr.com // a.pureapparat.us // jasondoell.com

Allison Cameron

Anne Bourne

Phillipe Melanson 

Debashis Sinha