Dancemakers and the Centre for Creation
Choreography: Micheal Trent
Created with and performed by Robert Abubo, Amanda Acorn, Ellen Furey, Simon Portigal, Simon Renaud. 
Music: Christopher Willes
Dramaturgy: Jacob Zimmer
Lighting Design: Kimberly Purtell
Costume Design: Vanessa Fischer
Photographs: Omer Yukseker

In loveloss, Michael Trent mines personal experience, investigating the bodily affects of love and loss. Staged in the round, the five fearless performers travel through a jagged emotional landscape, exposed and vulnerable as they move through the stages of grief. There is meeting and parting, finding stability or barely balancing on our own or with loved ones. 

loveloss calls on its performers to imagine, sense, and improvise their way through states of being while they move into love and into loss, out of love and out of loss. 

From the press...
"An elegant visual and sonic landscape... a very beautiful sound design."
The Dance Current