Concert performance, The Music Gallery, 2014
Photographs: Claire Harvie

Music for a dispersed ensemble of 10+ (open instrumentation) and fixed electronics diffused through 10+ loudspeakers. ~30 min - variable duration.

Performers: Katherine Watson, flute; Anne Bourne, cello; Daniel Harley, violin; Ilana Waniuk, violin; Bram Gielen, double bass; Charlotte Mundy, voice; Isla Craig,  voice; Alex Samaras, voice; Felicity Williams,  voice; Nicole Rampersaud, trumpet; Lina Allemano, trumpet; Tom Richards, trombone; Heather Segger,  trombone; Thom Gill, guitar; Christopher Willes, sk1; Brandon Valdivia, percussion; Tania Gill, accordion.

"it was hard to tell where they ended and the crowd began... Gorgeous stuff"
-Mechanical Forest Sound