Material Nature

Performance / audio environment

Recordings, transducers, and objects. Material Nature is an ongoing project existing between an architectural experiment and a listening performance held together by a personal practice of field recording and analog synthesizer explorations. A precarious and temporary sound system is constructed around the audience using materials that are transformed into loudspeakers - a tactic that reorients the spaces of viewing and listening towards unexpected proximities with sound.

Ratio, Toronto version: cardboard, duralar, amplified plastic, transducers, microphones, mp3 & wav field recordings, analog synthesis. Collaboration with Adam Kinner (performing in the apartment upstairs). 

Annandale-on-Hudson, NY version: silver duralar, bubble wrap, tent poles, amplified plastic, subwoofer, transducers, microphones, mp3 & wav field recordings, analog synthesis, ebow guitar. Collaboration with Thom Gill (performing a materially exploded version of the standard "I cover the waterfront").