The Weybourne Project

On October 19, 2013 a group of Toronto artists and curators took over a century house slated for demolition in Lawrence Park to take part in an experiment with space. During a one-week residency, 15 works of art and architecture were created to challenge the capacity of places we inhabit using existing spaces and materials. On October 25th, doors opened for people to play, wander and re-imagine the possible. 

The Weybourne Project was created and directed by Society of Homo Ludens, an experimental research and architecture studio, Luff art+dialogue, an independent art space presenting emerging work across disciplines, is the producer and co-curated.

Work by: andreas buchwaldt, janis demkiw, farsan farahani, fictional territories, jessica levine & alexandria kusiak, donald miller, courtney parks, gelareh saadatpajouh, sanam samanian, cara spooner, sue tang & shamir panchal, victoria taylor, christopher willes , james anthony usas april wongramin yamin                      

Music performances by: anne bourne , ryan brouwer, isla craig, colin fisher, daniel harley, germaine liu, nicole rampersaud, tom richards, alex samaras, heather segger, christopher willes

Special thanks volunteers: Elham, Emily Hogg, Graham krenz, Yassi Pishvai, Amin Bordbar, Christopher McKinnon, Issac Flagg, Soheil Asadnejad